A new day dawns and as I greet it, I check in. As I go within today, I notice not only mine, but I am in the awareness of many of my friends’ experiences of dismay in areas of their life that want to come up for clearing. Its pain, discomfort, tension and disharmony are the flags that demand attention.

I take myself on a walk on this sacred space of Mother Nature’s most exquisite land. On my walk, I stop to sit on rocks that are like royal thrones laid out for me to connect within and then to Gaia’s core in oneness. While there, I notice the gift of whales in my close proximity. I giggle in delight at this rare and precious gift. I connect with them and allow their presence to be my heart present. I give to the vast waters of this magnificent ocean my blessings and my releases, for myself and for all beings who are now in the midst of awareness of what has ‘surfaced’ to be cleared and cleaned.

As I walk through the jungle and its profound greenness and earth scents, I notice the flowers and flora along the way and greet each as an old friend. They in return bow to my light also. I notice bees buzzing by beautiful little purple flowers and linger in their song.

I see birds in flight, carrying material to build their new nests. I hear their songs and let it permeate my heart. I pick three tantalizingly scented gardenias to bring back as my medicine.


As I return to my sacred space and check emails, I find the answer to my prayers in the form of Jennifer Posada’s writings, ( ‘The Return of the Bee Heart’, and put into form its teachings. I remember, with joy that all I need do is ask and it is given. I am so grateful to be so deeply loved. I am so grateful for Jennifer’s inspiring sharings.

And so, I ‘buzzzzz’ this off to you, beloved  friends and know that I am loved and all is well, as you are loved and all is well with you.

Blessed bee!