"Love Letters from the Ocean"

Greeting Cards


“Love Letters from the Ocean” are messages created with coral in the shape of letters that ‘found Kati’ on the shores of Maui.

Each is a unique gift from Mother Ocean. Words are guided through meditation. Every note is infused with the blessings of the Waters and Ocean Energy of Hawaii.

Photos include sandy beach, volcanic rock and exotic Hawaiian flowers as backdrops bringing their own authentic beauty into the essence of the card. Each photo is mounted on card paper making them ‘Hand Made Treasures’ from Maui.

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Choose as a ‘keep-sake, mail or offer as a gift,

Maui’s beauty and love essence through these unique one-of-a-kind coral, “Love Letters from the Ocean” cards.

Larger photos can also be purchased for framing.

Please contact Kati for these special orders.

Select from a wide range of backgrounds and messages on the pricing page.

Enjoy your Delight!

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