A prayer is bursting through…


It always begins in gratitude. It is with a surrender to Infinite Possibilities far grander than I can even imagine.

In deepest appreciation I acknowledge so many gifts….

·      My open heart

·      Loving presence of my angels and spirit guides

·      My loved ones

·      My comforts and home

·      My soul family here on Maui and elsewhere

·      Community of ‘light minded’ people

·      Mother Maui and her flowers, her ocean and its whales, dolphins, turtles

·      Sacred spaces within my own being and on sites on this paradise island

·      My excellent health and well-being

·      My freedom

·      The presence, energy and power of love with me, as me


And in this space of deep appreciation, I turn my heart towards those who at this very moment are experiencing a separation from their own inner peace, their joy, their trust in themselves and their health. I include those who have forgotten who they really are and in that forgetfulness have allowed the illusions to be their reality.


I embrace them in my heart with enough love to comfort to overflow throughout this planet.


I call in all our angels, archangels and all light beings to be of assistance in guiding us back into a space of knowing awe and experiencing the fullness of the love that we are.


I ask for divine guidance to step out of my way to allow, accept and receive the gifts that the Universe sends so that I can do everything that I love to do. I ask for this gift so that I may have the courage and love to be all that I am, bringing the gifts that my soul has agreed to share in this lifetime, as only I can do.


I ask for appreciation, awareness and enjoyment as I receive these gifts and joyfully sprinkle them as love on all those whose lives touch mine.


In blessed oneness with all that is love and delight, I know this to be true for all beings, in all realms and in all time as this present moment. And so it is. It is done!


Let there be love on earth and let it begin with me. Here and now. As heaven on earth!




This is the motto from ‘Access Consciousness’ that I have been living.


In repeating it and FEELING IT, I more fully open my heart to limitless possibilities that are effortless.


It opens the door to my being able to






The gifts that the Universe sends to me in vibrational resonance to my heart energy.


My prayer is for Divine Assistance


To be AWARE,


And to ENJOY


The gifts that are sent to me on a daily basis.


I continue to live my life in

‘Joyful Expectancy’…


Just Like the Sweet Innocence of Children.


Please join me in this Playground of Joy!



prayer of the heart 

that comes through me to be shared as a guide for you to script your own heart’s desires in communion with Light within.

Dearest Spirit of Light within me,

I love you. I honor you. I appreciate you. I thank you.

I ask that you be the Source of my thoughts, words and actions.

I ask that you be the guidance to which I listen.

I ask that through your eyes, I see the beauty of all whose lives I touch today.

In asking, I know that it is already so, for the Universe always conspires on my behalf.

In deep gratitude I open to accepting and receiving the answers to this prayer in ways that thrill, amaze and inspire me.

Blessed be, and so it is.

It is done!

Healing Waters

We are created with a high and ever increasing consistency of water in our human body forms. This nurturing planet offers us her most precious waters as the greatest gift from Mother Nature.

Water blessing ceremonies are gifts back to Mother Earth and to our sacred body temples. The following is a healing technique using the healing power of water. It is intended for your personal use to charge the water you are drinking with the healing ‘cure’ you are seeking. It can be transformed to any needed tonics for your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and life situation healings. Invoking its power and intention transmutes the water to a healing tonic that you bless and drink.

  1. Using breath to go within your sacred heart space of love, center yourself.
  2. Allow the love vibration energy felt in your heart chakra to travel down to the palms of your hands.
  3. Hold the water container between your two hands and recite a prayer or invocation to charge the water with the healing request that you most need.
  4. Allow the water to be transformed by your love, intention and vision of its healing, keeping your focus on the essence of the quality of well-being chosen, rather than the issue.
  5. Drink deeply of its boosting energy, feeling its descent into your body and allowing its light to transform your condition back to one of optimal health and well-being.
  6. Speak words of gratitude for the water and bless it with your Light.

This ritual can be used to cleanse any area of your life (relationships, finances, creativity, etc.) by inviting it to shift your mind’s false thoughts and beliefs that have caused a block in the flow of your love energy and vitality, as experienced in your disconnection from full joy and well-being. This practice can be also very effective as a ‘preventative’ as well as a ‘cure’ for what ails you.

Chanting the words of Ho’oponopono infuses it into every cell of your body.

“I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

May this ritual become one used each time you drink of Mother Nature’s purest life-giving gift. Blessed be in its flow!



Forgiveness is the key to love and freedom.

It comes from a loving Hawai’ian tradition where forgiveness is offered to anyone, or to self for any perceived separation. It can include family ancestry as well as current relationships. It returns one to a feeling of connection, peace and love.

Imagine the person, organization, circumstance, relationship, yourself or a situation that needs to be realigned with peace in your heart. Hold their essence in your vision and ask for Divine Guidance to assist you in the process. Call in your Angelic realm to guide you as you choose to do and say the following from free will and your intention of love.

While holding your hands to your heart, indicating your own heart’s will and loving presence, repeat the following words,

I love you.

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.”

Repeat until you notice a shift in your energy and release the hold of any negative attachment previously held.

When you are able to see this person or situation in a space of well-being showered on them, you are complete. The cords to the situation or person are severed returning you both to the joy and freedom of love’s presence.

Use this daily as a clearing of any thoughts, words or actions that have created a separation for you from the essence of Divine Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony.

There are many sites on the internet that offer more insights, meditations, songs, videos and history about this beautiful gift from the Hawai’ian traditions.

It is my honor and privilege to practice and share this invaluable practice of forgiveness.