I am a lover of life.

I am a celebrator of joy.

I am a presence of Light igniting the radiance in which another can see and feel their own magnificence.

I dwell in paradise, found on Maui, Hawaii. In the arms of the beauty and brilliance of Mother Nature here, I have fallen in love with life to a new degree. In that space of being ‘in love’, life has been painted in even more dynamic radiant colors. The land, the climate, the energy and the people with whom I have connected by heart, are a delightful match, made in heaven. Here, I am in the experience of heaven on earth and attend with freedom to following my compass of joy as my purpose (aka job).

I hail from Canada where I grew up after emigrating from my birthplace, Budapest Hungary. I proudly bring with me the inherent gifts of both these cultures.

As a mother of two amazing sons and the grandmother of six adorable grandchildren, love is intensified each time I bring them to thought. My thirty years of teaching children offered me the opportunity to dwell in the sweet innocent joyful curiosity that defines childhood. Children are my greatest teachers.

My passions include walking, playing on the beach, swimming in the ocean and waterfall pools, hiking, dancing, reading and collecting crystals and essential oils. Indulging in my creative juices of writing, jewelry designing, ‘Blessing Flags’ and painting make my heart sing. Sharing the joy of life with those drawn to their own inner light is my favorite past time….and present moment time.