Nervous System at Rest

Being in a space of inner peace that allows the nervous system to be at rest is a golden gift to yourself. Connect with the vibrations of your physical body to feel what it is to be calm and centered and then make every effort to check in regularly throughout the day to notice the gauge of your relaxed state of inner peace. Notice what thoughts or beliefs or words have triggered a sense of disharmony and ask that these show themselves to you to be met with love and transformed back to the light from which they came.

May you bless yourself with Inner Peace!

Safe Travels

In this time of accelerated high-speed changes, strap in, put on your helmet and hold on to your heart!

Strapping in means to your true authentic self.

Putting on your helmet can mean being in touch with your inner body sensations that signal what is aligned with you and what is creating disharmony in you.

Holding on to heart refers to staying in a space of Pure Love Light by making it a conscious choice.

Blessed be!



A new day dawns and as I greet it, I check in. As I go within today, I notice not only mine, but I am in the awareness of many of my friends’ experiences of dismay in areas of their life that want to come up for clearing. Its pain, discomfort, tension and disharmony are the flags that demand attention.

I take myself on a walk on this sacred space of Mother Nature’s most exquisite land. On my walk, I stop to sit on rocks that are like royal thrones laid out for me to connect within and then to Gaia’s core in oneness. While there, I notice the gift of whales in my close proximity. I giggle in delight at this rare and precious gift. I connect with them and allow their presence to be my heart present. I give to the vast waters of this magnificent ocean my blessings and my releases, for myself and for all beings who are now in the midst of awareness of what has ‘surfaced’ to be cleared and cleaned.

As I walk through the jungle and its profound greenness and earth scents, I notice the flowers and flora along the way and greet each as an old friend. They in return bow to my light also. I notice bees buzzing by beautiful little purple flowers and linger in their song.

I see birds in flight, carrying material to build their new nests. I hear their songs and let it permeate my heart. I pick three tantalizingly scented gardenias to bring back as my medicine.


As I return to my sacred space and check emails, I find the answer to my prayers in the form of Jennifer Posada’s writings, ( ‘The Return of the Bee Heart’, and put into form its teachings. I remember, with joy that all I need do is ask and it is given. I am so grateful to be so deeply loved. I am so grateful for Jennifer’s inspiring sharings.

And so, I ‘buzzzzz’ this off to you, beloved  friends and know that I am loved and all is well, as you are loved and all is well with you.

Blessed bee!

Listen....what do you hear?


Since I have two ears and one mouth, I am reminded of the joy of listening.

Tuning into the songs of nature around me is the source of my outer pleasure related to listening. I hear the birds in song, the trees as they sway in the breeze and the ocean in the distance as it laps along the shore kissing the rocks.

I breathe and be in the pleasure of this sensation. A great sense of peace envelops me. I feel my body relaxing its hold on tension. From this space of calm, I am able to access the ‘messages’ from within me connected to Spirit. There, I rest in the center of heart, resonating with highest consciousness and pure love.

What a wondrous access to going within, as I listen to nature. Since this is such a nurturance to me, I know that as I enter into my external world today, I can practice being an even more attentive listener to those around me.

I can hear between the lines.

I can recognize the truth of communication and ask clarifying questions.

I can listen through the heart where there is only love absent of judgment or need for control.

I can answer the phone with a smile on my face, altering the vibration carried in my voice.


I can be in the full joy of hearing the voices of loved ones calling to connect.

I can be fully present and compassionate.

My joy can become the infectious source of an altered state for those with whom I communicate.

Having two ears, one mouth, reminds me to listen twice as much as I offer my ideas, opinions and thoughts. I tune in!



Time has slipped away into the void. It is powerless and non-existent in this moment. It has transformed itself to all time, bringing in the past, present and future as now!

There is only the ‘Now Moment’ and it holds such magic! It is joyfully named, ‘NoMo’!

In this ‘NoMo’, there is only the highest love vibration in which I choose to be.

Here, I color my world in ways that reflect my inner essence.

Magically, it is mirrored back to me in the external world.

I have ‘known’ this for ages. I have given it thought and word, and now I am ready to ‘be’ it, to embody it and to soar with it….as it!

What I experience this moment is what I have put into creation by my focus in former moments.

What powerful creation! What powerful co-creators we are!

So, I take paintbrush in hand. I place today’s blank canvas on my easel. I go within and dwell in the space of sacred stillness in my heart. From that inner sanctuary of love, I brush strokes of new colors onto my canvas and just let each flow where it may, unlimited by my thought of how it must look. Upon completion, I stand back and marvel at what has come through me in ways that are far beyond what my mind could have conjured.

I breathe in a sigh of contentment and know that Divine Guidance is my greatest teacher. I let It breathe me, move me and be me, in living colour!

And so it is!!!

P1000965 - Version 2.jpg

One with the Ocean

There is so much magnificence by the ocean and in the ocean

Let its immense force splash its healing waves on you.

Be awash with its purifying cleansing powers.

Let yourself be soothed by its kisses on the sunny shoreline.

Allow yourself to be immersed in its safe buoyancy.

Simply be rocked in its gentle inflow and outflow.

Be in its flow.

Breathe in its fresh fragrance.


Immerse in its waters as nourishment for your soul.

Be joy.

Be you.

Be one with the ocean.


Harmonized in Perfect Health

I commit to living Perfect Health.

This posting is inspired by Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation of perfect health.

Perfect health is my natural state of being. It is what I have been fashioned to be. It is Creator’s gift. My perfect health is styled to meet what I need in order to carry out my Soul’s mission.

I ask to clear my mind of all beliefs and thoughts limiting my access to my original blueprint of perfection.

As I allow limitless possibilities to be my focus, I accept that I am perfect health.

I am living my life in that perfection of physical, mental and emotional health in harmony. I see myself through those eyes and in that vision I am in celebration of all that is.

Since my physical body is a temple to the Divine within me, I honor it by attending to its well-being. It encourages me to choose foods that are organic and nutritious. It directs me to use products that are natural and pure. It invites me to ask Wisdom within before I make a choice.

As I ‘check in’, I am always guaranteed to be making the best choices for myself.

There is a deep trust that unfolds as I allow my body to speak to me. It informs me always about its balance.


Since it holds my thoughts and words, I ask that I be conscious of what I speak as it stores it like a recording held in my cells.

Since my body never lies, I know that I can trust it 100%. There is such safety in this awareness. It guides, supports and celebrates my life choices.

What an honor to choose to live in the perfection of health that is my original blueprint so that I can live the fullness of the joy of life within me, expressed.

It is my wish for you also, Blessed Ones.

Fear Reframed

Fear Reframed


Everything false



When fear rears itself, I reframe my definition of it. I reframe my relationship to it.

I acknowledge its presence and pause. I let it be as huge as it needs to be. I breathe and allow myself to be fully with it. I locate it in my body temple.

I reframe its definition as an ‘invitation’ for me to realize that I have unconsciously accepted the ideas and beliefs that fear has presented to me in the past and that I now live as if they were true.

In so doing, I give fear a new task. I invite it to relax and I feel it seeping out my feet to Mother Earth, where it is transformed back to the light.

Like everything else, fear wants to be recognized, seen and loved. When it is given that attention with love, it relaxes its hold on me. I take back my power and accept the peace and freedom that replace its violence in my body and life.

On this New Moon power day, I release the grip that fear and I have been tugging on and relax into the power, presence and energy of love.