Fear Reframed

Fear Reframed


Everything false



When fear rears itself, I reframe my definition of it. I reframe my relationship to it.

I acknowledge its presence and pause. I let it be as huge as it needs to be. I breathe and allow myself to be fully with it. I locate it in my body temple.

I reframe its definition as an ‘invitation’ for me to realize that I have unconsciously accepted the ideas and beliefs that fear has presented to me in the past and that I now live as if they were true.

In so doing, I give fear a new task. I invite it to relax and I feel it seeping out my feet to Mother Earth, where it is transformed back to the light.

Like everything else, fear wants to be recognized, seen and loved. When it is given that attention with love, it relaxes its hold on me. I take back my power and accept the peace and freedom that replace its violence in my body and life.

On this New Moon power day, I release the grip that fear and I have been tugging on and relax into the power, presence and energy of love.