Harmonized in Perfect Health

I commit to living Perfect Health.

This posting is inspired by Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation of perfect health.

Perfect health is my natural state of being. It is what I have been fashioned to be. It is Creator’s gift. My perfect health is styled to meet what I need in order to carry out my Soul’s mission.

I ask to clear my mind of all beliefs and thoughts limiting my access to my original blueprint of perfection.

As I allow limitless possibilities to be my focus, I accept that I am perfect health.

I am living my life in that perfection of physical, mental and emotional health in harmony. I see myself through those eyes and in that vision I am in celebration of all that is.

Since my physical body is a temple to the Divine within me, I honor it by attending to its well-being. It encourages me to choose foods that are organic and nutritious. It directs me to use products that are natural and pure. It invites me to ask Wisdom within before I make a choice.

As I ‘check in’, I am always guaranteed to be making the best choices for myself.

There is a deep trust that unfolds as I allow my body to speak to me. It informs me always about its balance.


Since it holds my thoughts and words, I ask that I be conscious of what I speak as it stores it like a recording held in my cells.

Since my body never lies, I know that I can trust it 100%. There is such safety in this awareness. It guides, supports and celebrates my life choices.

What an honor to choose to live in the perfection of health that is my original blueprint so that I can live the fullness of the joy of life within me, expressed.

It is my wish for you also, Blessed Ones.