Time has slipped away into the void. It is powerless and non-existent in this moment. It has transformed itself to all time, bringing in the past, present and future as now!

There is only the ‘Now Moment’ and it holds such magic! It is joyfully named, ‘NoMo’!

In this ‘NoMo’, there is only the highest love vibration in which I choose to be.

Here, I color my world in ways that reflect my inner essence.

Magically, it is mirrored back to me in the external world.

I have ‘known’ this for ages. I have given it thought and word, and now I am ready to ‘be’ it, to embody it and to soar with it….as it!

What I experience this moment is what I have put into creation by my focus in former moments.

What powerful creation! What powerful co-creators we are!

So, I take paintbrush in hand. I place today’s blank canvas on my easel. I go within and dwell in the space of sacred stillness in my heart. From that inner sanctuary of love, I brush strokes of new colors onto my canvas and just let each flow where it may, unlimited by my thought of how it must look. Upon completion, I stand back and marvel at what has come through me in ways that are far beyond what my mind could have conjured.

I breathe in a sigh of contentment and know that Divine Guidance is my greatest teacher. I let It breathe me, move me and be me, in living colour!

And so it is!!!

P1000965 - Version 2.jpg