Listen....what do you hear?


Since I have two ears and one mouth, I am reminded of the joy of listening.

Tuning into the songs of nature around me is the source of my outer pleasure related to listening. I hear the birds in song, the trees as they sway in the breeze and the ocean in the distance as it laps along the shore kissing the rocks.

I breathe and be in the pleasure of this sensation. A great sense of peace envelops me. I feel my body relaxing its hold on tension. From this space of calm, I am able to access the ‘messages’ from within me connected to Spirit. There, I rest in the center of heart, resonating with highest consciousness and pure love.

What a wondrous access to going within, as I listen to nature. Since this is such a nurturance to me, I know that as I enter into my external world today, I can practice being an even more attentive listener to those around me.

I can hear between the lines.

I can recognize the truth of communication and ask clarifying questions.

I can listen through the heart where there is only love absent of judgment or need for control.

I can answer the phone with a smile on my face, altering the vibration carried in my voice.


I can be in the full joy of hearing the voices of loved ones calling to connect.

I can be fully present and compassionate.

My joy can become the infectious source of an altered state for those with whom I communicate.

Having two ears, one mouth, reminds me to listen twice as much as I offer my ideas, opinions and thoughts. I tune in!